Briarwood Estates at Leesville, LP (Owner) will submit an application to the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) to compete for 9% Tax Credits on the new construction of a proposed development called Briarwood Estates at Leesville. Said development will be single-family rental homes for families and is proposed to be located at 29 Sartor Street in Leesville, LA. It will have a community facility and a maximum of 38 units, all of which will be 3-Bedroom/2-Bath. All homes will be rent and income restricted. Financial management and credit classes will be available to the tenants free of charge. The total development costs are approximately $7,694,021 with sources of financing including conventional financing in the amount of $1,000,000, equity from the sale of tax credits in the amount of $6,524,348 and deferred developer fee in the amount of $169,673. Any questions regarding this application may be directed to Steve Perry, 109 E. Madison Avenue, Bastrop, LA 71220, (phone) 318-281-1974, (fax) 318-281-5231.
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