Finding leads and projects to bid on is critical in the construction world. 

Have you ever been driving along and see  a sign for a new retail store? You say to yourself wish I had known about that so I could have bid the project.
Do you or your estimator ever spent hours searching for projects to bid?

                                   What does less than ONE DOLLAR A DAY get you?                                 
 Email notifications of projects bidding:
Contact information for the projects:
Bid document to include drawings & specifications, when available:

Are you willing to spend the price of a cup of McDonalds coffee a day to have a list of  bidding projects delivered to your email and be able  to access a planroom and view complete bid documents?
         FREE trial offer.      

Our mission is simple, furnish you with construction bid leads . Free up your time so you can manage your business and ongoing projects 

Our goal is to deliver to our customers information for them to make a decision on bidding a project. We are able to furnish drawings and specifications when they are available.

With email alerts to upcoming projects, and access to our planroom you will be ahead of your competition.

 Browse the projects in our planroom at any time. Access, view and download planholders lists, plans, and specifications.

Why waste time sifting through bids that aren't relevant to you when you can spend more time bidding or executing your business.

Win more jobs.

Spend less time chasing deadends and more time winning the jobs that mean the most to your company.

Project Reports

Leads on new construction projects (private amd public,) in the bidding stage. Each report provides you with all the information you need - key contacts, location, to present your product/service to the right people at the right time.

Ready to Bid on More Construction Projects?

The Bid Calendar is a cost-effective solution for contracting companies. If you’re ready to get started on finding more construction projects in which you can quickly bid, then sign up and get started on growing your business.


Don't search — let the leads come to you. Receive email alerts with the latest results and updates. 

Stay ahead of the game in terms of "finding out first" about projects, start dates and companies involved. 

Receive descriptions, location, important dates, documents and specifications.Know that a project is right for your company before preparing a bid.

Online Plan Room

Our online plan room allows you to view and download relevant project files fso you can have information needed to make a bidding decision.

Test drive us FREE trial offer.  
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