Louisiana Projects

06-20-18 DeQuincy La Perimeter Fence

06-22-18 Pineville La Cadet Multipurpose Field Renovation

06-26-18 Fort Polk La Fort Polk VOLAR Barracks

06-26-18 Lake Charles La Retrofit Bay Doors

06-26-18 Many La Unit Modernizaions

06-27-18 Jennings La Veterans Home HVAC Units

06-28-18 Natchitoches La Outdoor Concert Stage

07-01-18 Ft Polk La Construction IDIQ Stations

07-09-18 DeRidder La Construction of FireTraining Bldg

07-10-18 Alexandria La Overhead Electric Construction

07-10-18 Baton Rouge La Fiber Cable Assembly Phase II

Texas Projects

06-18-18 Giddings Tx Gymnasium Roof Replacement

06-19-18 Denton Tx Construction of Carl Young Splash Park

06-21-18 Beaumont Tx Phase I Electrical Repairs Estimate

06-21-18 Jasper Tx Water Street Enhancement Project

06-23-18 Houston Tx Conversion of Suite 1488 into Surgical Operatory

06-25-18 Beaumont Tx Sabine-Neches Placement Area

06-28-18 Sabine Pass, TX Park Improvements

06-28-18 Temple Tx Mercer Softball Complex Improvements

06-28-18 Madisonville Tx Airport Improvements

06-30-18 Denton Tx Fouts Field Parking & Bus Transfer Station 07-03-18 San Antonio Fire Station #54

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